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Our Statistics

Since October 1996, the beginning of the current administration’s “watch”, Hillsborough County Animal Services has killed 355,445 dogs and cats. (based on HCAS published numbers. Click here for graph).  Thats around 24,000 a year.  460 a week.   If you don’t take weekends or holidays, that’s 65 five dogs and cats a day.  Every day of every year.  Year after year.  In our own back yard. These figures are based on HCAS numbers. In 2012, 13,496  companion animals were euthanized.

How many is 65 dead dogs and cats a day?   How many dogs and cats will you ever have?  Maybe 10 or 12 — or maybe in your wildest dreams, say, 20?  In your own entire lifetime?  So, in one day, our county will kill more than 4 times as many animals as you will ever own in your entire lifetime?  In one day?

We have been taught to believe that this is an unavoidable situation because there just aren’t enough homes for them all, and that it is the citizen who is responsible for the problem.  Nathan will bring us the proof that just is just not true.  Reality is, in fact, that this is an imminently solvable problem.

After San Francisco, CA, Ithaca NY, Austin, TX, Reno, NV and many other communities across the country  have turned around this status-quo way of thinking, we can never again hide behind the idea that “we have no choice”. We must come together and be their voice.