About Us | Save90 – So that 90% of Shelter Animals May Live

About Us

Based on the national No-Kill movement, SAVE 90 is aimed at creating awareness about the extremely high euthanasia rate in Hillsborough County. Over 90 communities across the United States have achieved a save rate of 90% of the companion animals flowing into their shelters. SAVE 90 is committed to bringing this awareness to the public and political leaders of Hillsborough County, specifically because our county shelter’s save rate was only 34% in 2012.

Save 90 is registered as a DBA of ACT (The Animal Coalition of Tampa), but has its own website and its own set of volunteers. SAVE 90 has held two conferences, one in February 2012, with Nathan Winograd, the founder of the No-Kill Movement, as the keynote speaker. The county’s second conference, with well over 250 attendees, brought Manatee County’s Animal Service director and other key players [including a county commissioner] to speak about how their actions have saved lives since the No-Kill approach was mandated by the county administrators in the fall of 2011.

SAVE 90 is an advocacy movement, which involves the citizens and the county government working together to end euthanasia as a means of population control. We need your help!