Save90 – So that 90% of Shelter Animals May Live


Every day, we lose the lives of 40 or more dogs and cats. This cannot continue.

Welcome to The Alliance to Save 90, a  nonprofit organization, dedicated to saving more animals at Hillsborough County Animal Services. Two decades ago, the concept of Saving 90% of all animals in shelters was little more than a dream. Today, it is a reality in over 160+ cities and counties nationwide, and the numbers continue to grow. The first step to making it a reality is a decision, a commitment by the community to reject the kill-oriented failures of the past. SAVE 90 starts as an act of will. The next step involves putting into place the infrastructure to save lives. And that is where THE ALLIANCE TO SAVE 90 and YOU come in. Read more>>


Use HCAS’s searchable database of adoptable pets to find the perfect addition to your family.

Did you know know that Hillsborough County Animal Services (HCAS) makes it easy to find a great pet to adopt? HCAS’s online database allows you to filter by cat, dog or other pet, and by gender, age, size and color. Once you view the results, you can even sort by breed. You can also easily send the pet’s information and photo to a friend using the website’s share buttons or email form. Click here to try it now!

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Join us! Be a part of saving lives at Hillsborough County Animal Services.

We need your help

We need your help. Without it, no matter how hard we or anyone at our animal shelter tries, reaching a save rate of 90% will not happen. We have accomplished a great deal in a very short time. Hillsborough County has heard you and has taken the first big step by hiring the right director for our shelter. But the new director cannot do it alone. We need your help to make it happen. There are many different ways that you can help save our companion animals. You can share information about Save 90 on social media sites, tell your friends, blog about the importance of Save 90- spread the word. You can also volunteer. Learn about the variety of volunteer opportunities available with Save 90

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